Rent stabilization qualifies for the ballot in Mountain View!

The Santa Clara County Registrar’s Office has notified the proponents of Mountain View’s rent control (rent stabilization) initiative that it has qualified for the November ballot.

The Mountain View Tenants Coalition submitted 7,311 signatures, and at least 4,671 were found valid, enough to qualify the Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act for a city-wide vote on Nov. 8.

The news came as the grassroots campaign prepared for a rally and a big City Council meeting on July 14. Over 100 volunteers helped gather the signatures.

“Our rally today will also be a celebration” said founding MVTC member Joan MacDonald.  “While we were very confident we had submitted sufficient signatures, it is still a big step forward for the campaign to receive certification from the County.”

“Today is a historic day – the people’s initiative for rent stabilization in Mountain View has qualified for the ballot!” said Daniel DeBolt, MVTC member. “How ironic that this happens on the very day that the City Council  is considering “options” and “alternatives” that could only undermine our efforts. Given the council’s opposition to meaningful renter protections earlier this year, any support for a competing set of renter protections by the council is disingenuous.”

At a public meeting scheduled for Aug. 9, the Mountain View Tenants Coalition will continue to push the Council to refrain from placing a competing measure on the ballot, so that the will of the community can be clearly determined in the November election.