Our ballot statement is in. Vote YES on V



Vote YES on Measure V to protect Mountain View from the biggest threat facing our community: skyrocketing rents. Hard working families are losing their homes. Valued teachers, nurses, and tech employees are leaving Mountain View as rents become unaffordable.

To landlords who keep rents reasonable, thank you! Vote YES on Measure V to stop opportunistic rent increases and unwarranted evictions by others.

Measure V makes housing costs predictable and stable, freeing seniors and others from constant fear of losing their homes. Rents have skyrocketed 54% since 2012. Wages have not kept pace, putting profound stress on our community. As we lose beloved family and community members, we lose Mountain View’s quality of life.

Vote YES on Measure V to protect over 14,000 renting households, while being fair to landlords:

  • Allows rents to be raised 2 to 5% annually, depending on the rate of inflation (typically 2 to 3%);
  • Allows larger rent increases for increased maintenance costs or property taxes or if a landlord skips a year;
  • Limits evictions to specific situations (unpaid rent, illegal activity, etc.), preventing evictions just to raise rents;
  • Protects families too frightened to report unsafe conditions for fear of retaliatory evictions;
  • Exempts all units built after February 1, 1995, as well as all single-family homes, duplexes, condos and in-law units, and all new housing (does not discourage growth);
  • Rolls rents back to October 2015 levels;
  • Creates an independent Committee to administer and enforce the law, providing flexibility, accountability and transparency;
  • Allows the creation of similar protections for mobile home residents.

For many hard working families, Measure V is their last hope to remain a part of our community. Measure V is our chance to protect our community and quality of life.

Join teachers, tech employees, nurses, landlords, retirees, homeowners and the Mountain View Tenants Coalition in voting YES on Measure V.

Vote YES to protect Mountain View’s future. Vote YES on Measure V.

Monique Kane
Landlord, former director of Mountain View’s CHAC
Ayindé Rudolph
Superintendent of the Mountain View Whisman School District
Lenny Siegel
Homeowner, Mountain View City Council member
Michael Love
Pastor of Mountain View’s Trinity United Methodist Church
Evan Ortiz
Mountain View Human Relations Commissioner (title for indentification only)