Who We Are

Photos by Diana Arreola and Daniel DeBolt.

The MVTC is comprised of a wide range of people, including tenants, homeowners, activists, people of faith, small business owners, teachers, tech employees and day laborers. What we all have in common is a desire to protect renters from the wild swings of Silicon Valley’s housing market.

The MVTC formed out of necessity as Mountain View rents reached astronomical heights in 2015 and it made sense to seek relief in the form of a rent stabilization law. When the City Council failed to pass any meaningful rent stabilization ordinance in early 2016, despite hearing from hundreds of supporters, the group decided to begin the hard work of putting a strong rent stabilization law on the ballot for a citywide vote in November 2016. We have confidence in the law we have drafted and feel that we can and must win stability for Mountain View renters.


One Comment on “Who We Are

  1. In anticipation of this law passing, my landlord just gave my family a 60 Day notice to vacate. We’ve been in the apartment for almost 12 years, and my disabled daughter is devastated.

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