Why stabilize rents?

To protect our community!

Renters make up 60 percent of Mountain View’s population and many are living in fear of unpredictable rent increases. Because of a chronic housing shortage, average asking rents for a one bedroom apartment have soared from $1,426 in 2009 to $2,635 in 2016, a rate that is forcing many from the city, separating friends and family members, and making some homeless. To curb the ongoing disaster, the Mountain View Tenants Coalition has collected over 7,300 signatures to place a rent stabilization (rent control) measure on the ballot in November 2016. Here’s what this proposed law would provide:

  • Fair and predictable rents: increases would be limited by the rate of inflation, typically 2 to 3 percent a year.*
  • Rolls back rents: your landlord would have to reduce your rent to Oct. 2015 levels.*
  • Prevents unjust evictions: landlords must have a valid reason to evict, such as a lease violation. No evictions just to raise the rent.
  • Good for the economy: residents would have more money to spend at local businesses. No constraints on new housing development.  
  • Best practices: draws from similar laws in 12 California cities that have provided stability for seniors and other renters for decades

 *Limited by state law to pre ’95 rentals. Single family homes, duplexes and condos excluded